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Pumpkin Pie Dip for Apples

It has long been said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, Vitamin C, flavenoids, phenols, and carotenoids (antioxidants that contribute to cancer prevention).  Apples are also praised for their link … Continue reading

11. May 2012 by admin
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Chocolate Coconut Larabars

After reading a great article in Eating Well Magazine  on Phthalates being absorbed into our bodies through packaged food, I have tried to limit my consumption of these types of convenience foods.  Phthalates are environmental estrogens and may contribute to … Continue reading

23. April 2012 by admin
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Whole wheat buttermilk biscuits

Happy Easter! I can’t believe we are already in to April and Easter is just around the corner!!  I talk a lot about healthy eating, but I have never been a believer of trying to eat healthy for holidays.   I … Continue reading

03. April 2012 by admin
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Kale Chips

  Kale Chips  are a great way to get more kale into your diet.  I especially like this recipe if I need to use up a bunch of kale — like when I get two bunches from my CSA — because it … Continue reading

20. February 2012 by admin
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Yes, believe it or not chia.  It for more than chia pets!  (Make sure you get chia that is food-safe and not the kind for the novelty pets that have been treated with chemicals.  This kind is not edible) Chia … Continue reading

07. January 2012 by admin
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Sweet potato Hummus

Eating a diet in brightly colored fruits and vegetables will help prevent cancer.  Sweet potatoes are no exception!  These bright orange beauties contain carotenoids like beta-carotene that are powerful antioxidants that have been shown in studies to reduce the risk … Continue reading

29. December 2011 by admin
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