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Rich Double Dark Chocolate Brownies

It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks.  I thought that I would share this unique recipe for brownies, so please don’t freak out when you see black beans in the recipe :-).  I’ve talked about the benefits of fiber … Continue reading

25. May 2012 by admin
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Breakfast Rice Pudding

Okay, so I am long overdue posting a healthy anti-cancer breakfast!  Breakfast is one of my favorite meals!  I especially love having breakfast for dinner :-).   I’ll admit that in the past I was a big lover of dairy … Continue reading

04. May 2012 by admin
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French Silk Pie

This no-bake Chocolate Pie is fantastic!  You won’t know it’s healthy while you are eating it!  This recipe contains tofu which is high in protein.  One slice of this pie has about 230 calories, which is about half of the … Continue reading

20. April 2012 by admin
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Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Everybody loves chocolate…right?  Chocolate ranks right up there with ice cream as one of my favorite desserts.  In the last few years I have opted for dark chocolate because it has less sugar and it also contains antioxidants that are … Continue reading

27. March 2012 by admin
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Blueberry Empanadas

I tend to get creative when I feel the craving for a dessert coming on, and this is the perfect example of that.  I had some empanada dough in my freezer that I needed to use up, so I created … Continue reading

27. February 2012 by admin
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Yes, believe it or not chia.  It for more than chia pets!  (Make sure you get chia that is food-safe and not the kind for the novelty pets that have been treated with chemicals.  This kind is not edible) Chia … Continue reading

07. January 2012 by admin
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