About Me

Hi.  Welcome to Connoisseur 4 the Cure.  My name is Tania Davis and I love cooking, eating, and talking about food!  I grew up in a family of food lovers, and spent time cooking with my family ever since I was very young.  I am by no means an expert or professionally trained chef, but I do however love to create and discover new dishes.

Variety is the spice of life and I take that quite literally when it comes to my cooking.  My husband often says that I don’t make the same thing twice.  I enjoy all types of food, but my main focus for my blog is on healthy eating.  That by no means means that you will never see a recipe for a dessert or other indulgence here, but I believe that all good things are in moderation.  I will be sharing with you dishes that I have personally cooked and tested myself.  I take all my own pictures for the recipes that you see posted on my blog.  I figured it was a great way to practice my photography skills.

Tania Davis

 So, why another food blog?  The Internet has loads of wonderful food blogs — many of which I follow — that have great recipes and gorgeous photographs with many loyal fans.   I decided to create a food blog, because when I  was diagnosed with beast cancer in early 2011, I began looking for information about foods that were good for preventing cancer and specifically breast cancer.  The amount of information on this area seemed to be lacking, and I wanted to do my part to provide a resource for people like myself.   I have set out to become more knowledgeable about what foods specifically help to reduce the occurrence of cancer.  This blog is for those with cancer, survivors of cancer, those who want to prevent cancer, or just people that are looking to start eating a little healthier.  I make an effort to use organic local produce whenever possible for optimum freshness, nutrient value, and taste.   I also like to cook with foods that have been deemed super foods by the  medical community because of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that they contain.  Many of these foods have been proven to improve health in studies.  I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, but someone who has taken their health into their own hands to try feel, look, and be healthier.  This would all be for nought if the recipes didn’t taste good, so I have made an effort to come up with recipes that are healthy but still delicious.