Asian Dark Leafy Greens with Pan-Seared Scallops

I try to get plenty of dark leafy greens into my diet.  Dark leafy greens  and cruciferous vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help prevent cancer.

I love to have a poached egg in the morning over a bed of wilted greens.  It’s a great way to start the day with a healthy meal.  I have found that by adding vegetables to my breakfast meal, it makes it easier to get in plenty of vegetables every day.  I’ll share that recipe sometime in the future.

I came up with this Asian inspired recipe for Seared Scallops.  I love scallops.  They are a great source of protein, Vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids.  For more on scallops and their health benefits go here.  This recipe is healthy but also very tasty!  It has the added benefit of being quick and easy as it can be on the table in under 15 minutes.

Asian Greens with Pan-Seared Scallops 

Serves 4


  • 2 bunches/ bags mixed Asian greens ( savvoy cabbage, tat soi, bok choy, spinach etc.)
  • 1 green garlic stalk or 1 clove regular garlic, minced
  • 1 Tablespoon oyster sauce
  • ½ Tablespoon sesame oil
  • Drizzle hot chili oil, optional for serving
  • 2 cups small frozen scallops or 20 large, thawed


Heat pan or wok over medium high heat and spray with oil.  Add minced green garlic or minced garlic clove.  Sauté over medium high heat until tender about 30 seconds.  Add greens and combine with oil and garlic.  Cook until the mixture wilts.  Add the oyster sauce and sesame oil and stir to combine.  Remove the greens to a serving dish or individual plates.  Wipe out the pan.  Spray with oil and add thawed scallops.  Sear scallops on both sides until opaque and cooked through.  Serve scallops on a bed of greens and drizzle with hot chili oil if desired.

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  1. Love this! How simple, nutritious and perfectly easy! We’re going to feature this on our Facebook page and link here so people can see how you did it, and your lovely photography. If you wish, come LIKE us on Facebook for more recipes and tips on Asian green vegetables like baby bok choy, gai lan (Chinese broccoli), dau miu (pea shoots), yu choy, etc.

    –Your friendly farmers at Jade Asian Greens

  2. Hi there, this is a really nice post about fish/seafood. It would be great if you linked to it in my Food on Friday series. This week it is about all things fishy and seafoody. Food on Friday

  3. thanks for the link up. We now have a great collection of posts about fish and seafood.

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